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Are you struggling with a dysfunctional family, a toxic sibling, the betrayal of a friend? OR, life just going awry?

Start by talking it out with a member of our LIFE SQUAD. Learn how Cassandra, Kathe, and Christine can help you unlock family secrets, recover after a financial breakdown, and change the direction of your life, the sooner the better ...

​During a breakup of any kind, you may experience a phenomenon noted by experts as a 'breakup diet,' where one can experience drastic changes in mind, body, and spirit.


Under duress, our bodies create additional adrenaline, resulting in elevated cortisol levels that lead to depression of immune responses, increased fat accumulation, and even loss of cognitive function.


The list goes on and on ... so much so we turned this breakup malady into a breakup remedy with BREAK-UP DIETS® as a new way to shed emotional weight so breaking UP doesn't have to weigh you down.


Our personal-growth programs come in tips, techniques, and best practices, sometimes quirky and silly, often serious and straight to the heart, and for as little as complimentary or a cup of coffee as featured throughout THE BREAK-UP BIZ experience.

Click on the above box for details and tap the arrow button for a slate of offerings where you can tackle breakup residue from your own home, hotel room, or office also with trainers used by Jennifer Garner, Julia Roberts, and Demi Moore. Now, you! 

Not yet ready to jump right in? Take a spin right HERE, right NOW with leading yoga instructor Adrienne Reed in this complimentary 30-minute warmup. With regular use, you may soon see positive changes in how you feel during your power hours.

Or, give meditation a try with Dr. Zach. Simply, click HERE or tap on HappCo where Dr. Zach explains how meditation can help you maintain a sense of calm and wellbeing when faced with uncertainty and struggle. 

HappCo guided meditation by Dr. Zach
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