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A Channel of Sanity that Breaks Up to Better News

When everyone is over your breakup but you, our HELP SQUAD stays tuned in way past the expiration of any breakup. 

Coffee is our comfort food, and Java is our best lover™  ... 

We love our finest dark roast and the conversations that ensue over a hot cup of breakup brew, much needed warmth when all else feels cold. 

Are you struggling to move past a romantic disappointment, a family falling apart, the betrayal of a friend or a job loss? Recover emotionally, physically and financially from any type of breakup right HERE, right NOW! 

At The BREAK-UP Bizour mission is to heal a world of broken hearts, including YOURS as well as OURS, and is a self-help, motivational destination designed to help those stuck in breakup misery move beyond trauma and into better LOVE, LIFE and WORK experiences. 

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"The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved." 


Our Youtube Channel offers tips & techniques on how to break UP to better from lifestyle experts, relationship therapists, and career coaches.

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