Jennifer Aniston said "once you meet yourself, and truly love yourself, then you attract that." 
Are you, too, struggling to move past a romantic disappointment? Having satisfying relationships is essential for your mental and physical well-being. In fact, having weaker social ties is associated with higher mortality rates from cardiovascular disease, cancer and other diseases! But improving your relationships is easier said than done, as cultivating healthy relationships often requires taking a close look at yourself.

During a breakup, whether a diet person or not, you may be experiencing a phenomenon, noted by experts, as a 'breakup diet,' where one can experience drastic changes in appetite. Under duress, our bodies create additional adrenaline, resulting in elevated cortisol levels that lead to depression of immune responses, increased fat accumulation, and even loss of cognitive function. The list goes on ... ​

At THE BREAK-UP BIZ, our mantra is to turn negatives into positives. So, we turned this breakup malady into a breakup remedy. To us, BREAK-UP DIETS® are NOT diet plans associated with weight gain or loss like Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem. Rather, do-it-yourself, self-help personal improvement programs that come in tips, techniques and best practices, sometimes quirky and silly, sometimes serious and straight to the heart.

This particular BREAK-UP DIET® is based on the romantic ups and downs of a Bridget Jones Diary, Sex and The City type career girl on which THE BREAK-UP BIZ™ and an upcoming book is based (see our credentials). —In midst of turmoil, like times before, she would instantly lose 10 pounds to such regularity she started to see weight loss as an upswing to breaking UP. Hence, the evolution of BREAK-UP DIETS®


Not that she wanted to experience more breakups. She’d had her fair share. But, if she had to go through one again, the outcome, she found, was more slimming. Not many diets can deliver this rate of return, not that she had ever been a diet person but this weight loss made her wonder, is Mr. WRONG doing me – right? What doesn’t a girl like more than feeling an inch less of herself? Or, were his words doing that to her already? 


Within the first month of saying goodbye to Mr. WRONG, ten pounds simply fell off without thought or effort, as if shedding him was meant. This career girl quickly found herself back in the body she was before side-tracked by another relationship gone awry. Through her many breakups, she came to realize this 10-Day cleanse rather works. She'd use it again ... 

Day 1 - Refuge in Java
DAY 1: Think of coffee as your new comfort food! Soon after breaking up with my boyfriend of one year, coffee became my best friend. It gave me something to look forward to in the mornings when I didn’t have him to wake up to. This was when my love affair with Java began and my memories of him started to fade.
Day 2 - Sleep Deprivation
DAY 2: The time I spent with Java kept me up late and sleep deprived, which, to my surprise, significantly numbed the pain, making it easier to get through my work day without tears. It was a vicious cycle, but truth be told, being comatose took the edge off the pain. I was so angry about the breakup that I wouldn’t have been able to sleep anyway.
Day 3 - Psychic Intervention
DAY 3: Forget about taking years to delve into childhood issues as to why this relationship didn’t work! A good psychic friend provided me with the optimism that another man was just around the corner. Whatever it takes to get through those emotional first few days and months is worth every penny whether you believe in the spiritual world or not.
Day 4 - Mental Notes
DAY 4: Determination to move on to a brighter future was my driving force, and every time I went back down memory lane, I asked friends to leave messages on my phone with nasty reminders of why my life is now much better with him not in it. Thanks to good friends, I never had a desire to speak with him again.
Day 5 - Yesterday's News
DAY 5: Cutting off communication I knew from various advice books was a necessary evil to speed up the healing process. I viewed the situation as if I was quitting cigarettes or, heaven help me, my beloved Java. I needed to go cold turkey, and I knew that if I didn’t do these things, I would continue to be further and further away from meeting a more suitable man.
Day 5 - Fashion Statements
DAY 6: I didn’t want any reminders of what was or what could have been, nor anything that might motivate me to want him back, so that meant creating new decor out of items that reminded me of us – the cute photos from our first vacation together, the sexy panties with his name on it that I had engraved for Valentine’s Day, with of course, the jewelry he had given me all now out of fashion. The ritual of throwing things away helped me to regain my home as mine.
Day 6 - Misery Loves Company
DAY 7: Reminding myself each day that I’d feel a bit better today than yesterday, and tomorrow even more so, was a trick I knew would eventually prove fruitful. I had seen it work for a friend of mine, so I knew this mantra had potential to help me too. Once I surrendered to this notion, the crying lessened and my alone time started to become more about me than what had been when I was a “we.”
Day 8 - Manicures Will Do
DAY 8: When the weak moments overwhelmed me, I invested in none other than a manicure with gels to boot. My new nails gave me a renewed sense of femininity and an affordable new hobby. Whomever said diamonds were a girl’s best friend had never been to a spa! When funds were low, a warm bubbly bath or a long walk around the block also did the trick. I just needed pampering and self-care.
Day 9 - Just Me!
DAY 9: Instead of dwelling on what I had lost, I diverted my energies to becoming highly productive in other areas in my life. I wrote my first magazine article, created my first website, and developed new business opportunities. The more I did things to better myself, the more I got used to being with just me again. And I liked hanging out with me! My friends did too!
It's Over!
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