Are YOU struggling to move past life's disappointments? As DR. PHIL tells us, “It doesn’t matter what your mama did; it doesn’t matter what your daddy didn’t do. Nobody but YOU is responsible for your LIFE. You are responsible for the ENERGY that you create for yourself.”

Whatever YOUR age, unlock the energy in YOUR life with the keys and secrets to amazing everyday energy with ENERGY FORECASTER JOHN SHERRY, who comes to THE BREAK-UP BIZ from the UK as Britain’s most positive ‘High Vibe Guy,’ his energy is that vibrational! 

JOHN aims for the difficult heartbreaks he faced, as revealed below, to serve as a template to help others resuscitate their own heartbeat. The honesty JOHN expresses about his own despair is now best medicine for anyone in troubling times, revealing the benefits to GOOD ENERGY:

  • Better health and increased vitality to attract luck and wealth

  • An upbeat and enthusiastic attitude to get excited about life, to follow your dream

  • Enthusiasm to do more, live more, enjoy more in love, life and work

  • Confidence to be who you are, healthy, balanced, and on top of the world

  • Plus, an inner glow to trust yourself in all that you do!


How a Positive Vibe Resuscitated JOHN’s Broken Heart - His Break UP to Better Story

On one New Year’s Eve, when the world was partying, JOHN had plans to leave it.

In a few short years, his life had crumbled – his father died suddenly, closely followed by his mother being diagnosed with cancer, and he was suspected by doctors of having the same.


He lost the prized job he had worked tirelessly for 10 years to gain. His relationships disintegrated. Now with no money, and the bank hovering over his home, he decided it was time to end it all.


As the fireworks and cheers welcomed in the new millennium, JOHN held a large knife over his wrist ready to end his life of misery – misery that started at school as an unhappy teenager – overweight, bullied and picked on.


He had, for a brief period of time, found solace with a dream fulfilled as a tennis coach, after years of hard work, only to now lose all the things he held dear. This moment would end the pain, once and for all.


In a magical way, it did.


As the knife hovered above his wrist, a strange feeling descended on JOHN, and something stirred inside him. Suddenly JOHN felt … excited. A new feeling came over him, not to suffer but to share.


Instead of ending his life that night, he instead realized a reason to live, now locking away the knife. However, still hurting and dark the next day, footsteps of faith, he started a journey towards a better day, one he believed would help others.

Vowing to now see things on the brighter side, he began a slow emotional and mental recovery back to life, to health and to himself. He read every self-development, spiritual and personal growth book he could, keen to discover what he was meant to share.


Nothing negative stirred inside him again.


He returned to life and began to write and talk about life, how wonderful and inspirational it was, despite obstacles. To inspire others to believe in their best life, he set up The Inspiration Club, bringing speakers in on topics from relationships to wealth, and self-belief.

More interest grew as he was invited by BBC Warwickshire Radio’s Annie Oathen Show to be their “Mr. Inspiration,” and he was asked by the BBC’s prime time “’The One Show” to film on the power of positivity. He created a blog called Real Simple People and soon he had 300,000 people per year reading his simple words … but then the recession hit and after a failed attempt to create the first ever UK National Self-Help Conference, JOHN had to take a step back to recoup finances.


He still hadn’t found what he was meant to share with the world.


JOHN needed time to reflect, so he headed for Bournemouth, a gorgeous resort on the UK’s South Coast. There, he enjoyed two years of coastal calm. Then, one February day, a contact from Australia, James Yates, who had worked with Australian Olympic Swimmers on their mindset, came to Bournemouth. They became friends, and JOHN spent many a night sharing his story, his spiritual encounters and his message to help the world.

A year later James left for Portugal and Spain and asked JOHN to come, instantly knowing this was the opportunity he'd been waiting for. He set about to develop his energy connection and work, which he was already practicing without realizing it!


That was 2012. Since then, JOHN has perfected his ability to read anyone’s energy and the form it takes, even if they aren’t there with him or if he knows nothing about them. 

In his work, JOHN uses sports methodologies used in his tennis career, where he held a worldwide professional coaches rating. He coached every age player from 4 to 90, and worked everywhere from private clubs to public parks and schools.

Today, JOHN helps people transform their lives through the power of their own energy.

As an international energy forecaster, 'Energy JOHN' has the ability to read how YOUR energy is affecting YOUR life. His energy talks provide decision making guidance, helping YOU to reach for YOUR best so you can keep YOUR vibe alive.

“Energy IS life. We all need positive energy to function, to evolve, to survive and to be successful,” says JOHN. “The good news is, positive energy isn’t a substance we have to find; it’s a power we already OWN.”

  • Starter Session with The Energy Reader John Sherry

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According to the World Health Organization, depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the United States and a major cause of illness and disability worldwide. However, the complex symptoms of depression extend beyond feelings of sadness, often affecting people physically, mentally and socially, which causes a ripple effect of problems. 

Individuals with depression, according to these studies, are 4 times more likely to experience at least one chronic and painful physical condition. They also report fewer positive interactions with their spouse or partner as compared to individuals who are not depressed.

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