Welcome to THE BREAK-UP BIZ™, the first of motivational destinations to cover today's world of more breakups than makeups in love, life and work. Are you struggling to move past a romantic disappointment, a family falling apart, the betrayal of a friend or a job loss?


Recover emotionally, physically and financially from any kind of breakup by checking in to today's newest motivational destination that fills a marketplace void in the breakup space. Products and services feature 3-STEPS and a HELP SQUAD to master the business of breaking UP to better, simply because, breakups of all kinds are as painful as they come. 

Creator, Daniella Cracknell, uses her own resume of colossal breakup proportion to start the conversation, as featured under our credentials. She has merged her showbiz past as a nationally recognized daytime talk show publicist into a niche 'biz' category with an emerging new expertise.


From having weathered her fair share of setbacks and start-overs, enough to fill a book, Cracknell has earned street credentials as a self-proclaimed ‘breakup expert' where none existed before. If a ‘breakup expert’ exists, the focus has only been on romantic shakeups but there is more to the breakup space than love. 

Daniella Cracknell

Studies suggest losing a job, especially without cause, can feel worse than emotionally painful moments like getting a divorce. The ripple effects can be long term, and one may not return to the same level of well-being. Despite, the self-help industry is populated by relationship therapists and love coaches but provide little to those who have yet to be coupled but breakup often in love, life and work. 

Cracknell now helps those stuck in breakup misery course correct, and promotes rejection as redirection, and resiliency as bounce back power prescribed by THE BREAK-UP BIZ as a 3 STEP recovery process she herself underwent and formulated into a tool kit for mastering the business of breaking UP to better.

In the process, she came across a phenomenon noted by experts as a 'breakup diet,' where fluctuations in mind, body and spirit can occur during the first phase of a breakup. Under duress, our bodies create additional adrenaline, resulting in elevated cortisol levels that lead to depression of immune responses, increased fat accumulation and even loss of cognitive function. 

Cracknell has since turned this breakup malady into a break UP remedy, complete with a new definition and trademark. BREAK-UP DIETS® are no longer associated with weight gain or loss. Rather, a series of personal improvement programs that come in tips, techniques and best practices, sometimes quirky and silly, sometimes serious and straight to the heart as featured throughout THE BREAK-UP BIZ experience.

“Cracknell brings sunshine to an area where healing is not the easiest, and helps those who check in see a brighter tomorrow …”, says Beverly Hills psychologist DR. MICHAEL MOLLURA, also music composer and contributor to NETFLIX’s HEAL with Deepak Chopra.

As the creator of THE BREAK-UP BIZ™, my expertise comes with street credentials. In short, I have insight, enough to fill a book, and now turn up the volume on life exper...
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Unravel the turmoil, turn rejection into redirection, and make positive changes in mind, body and spirit. Those who check in can also work out breakup residue from their own home, hotel room or office with trainers used by A-listers like Jennifer GarnerBrad Pitt and Demi Moore.

Bottomline, the upswing to breaking UP is to be well in love, life and work, and only you can heal you. No one else is as much invested, which is why THE BREAK-UP BIZ is built on a self-help premise.


Covering Today's World of More Breakups than Makeups in LOVE, LIFE and WORK

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