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If We Knew Then What We Know Now, Would All Things Have Gone Better?


Daniella Cracknell, the creator of today's newest self-help destination, credits the making of THE BREAK-UP BIZ to a conversation she once had with former TODAY co-host Jane Pauley. Cracknell reveals ... 

At the time, I was VP, Head of Publicity for Pauley's short-lived daytime talk show from NBC Universal, and I was handling her media tour, which had us traveling together from New York to Los Angeles. On those travels, Pauley was writing the final pages of her Penguin Random House autobiography, Skywriting: A Life Out of the Blue. 

While we were up in the sky on the NBC corporate jet, Pauley confided to me that the process of writing an autobiography was so immensely therapeutic she recommended everyone write one. So, out of my own need for a mental makeover, I, too, wrote 'a memoir,' on which THE BREAK-UP BIZ is now based. 

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Pauley was correct. The process does engulf you in a therapeutic journey, and nothing moved me forward into a better place until I put pen to paper. I now encourage others to join in on a shared journey to break UP to a better tomorrow, to better love, life, and work experiences.

The journey, Cracknell claims, was much like when Dorothy in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz clicks her ruby red slippers, and Glenda, the good witch, tells her, “You’ve always had the power.” If not for the Yellow Brick Road, Dorothy discovers she may never have found the answers that were within her all along. 

“Cracknell brings sunshine to an area where healing is not the easiest and helps those who travel along see a brighter tomorrow,” says Beverly Hills psychologist Dr. Michael Mollura, also music composer and contributor to NETFLIX’s HEAL with Deepak Chopra.

Cracknell now uses her mental makeover to help others stuck in breakup misery find an upswing to breaking UP. She claims anyone on a search to find a better way or an easier path out of an allotment of misfortune cannot help but be on their own version of a Yellow Brick Road to feel better.

The topic is well exemplified by American sweetheart Jennifer Aniston, star of He’s Just Not That Into Youthe break-up with Vince VaughnFriends with MoneyPicture Perfect,  The Good Girl, and Horrible Bosses. Aniston has been reported as saying, "Once you meet yourself, and truly love yourself, then you attract that." That, is our philosophy, too, and until now, Cracknell's life had been a series of Jennifer Aniston movies from one colossal breakup to the next in love, life, and at work.


Cracknell has been in the personal growth space for decades as a television publicity executive and now a producer of uplifting lifestyle brands. Daytime talk shows and lifestyle reality series Cracknell represented invest daily in self-help topics and work routinely with leading experts to produce ‘must-watch’ television that puts inspirational experts and self-help books on bestseller lists with TV shows of their own.


THE BREAK-UP BIZ aims to follow suit. Stay tuned as more of this story unfolds! 

Are breakups weighing you down? Check into today's newest self-help rehab for breakup recovery at

In the meantime, learn more about the making of THE BREAK-UP BIZ as creator Daniella Cracknell is interviewed HERE

on UNBREAK MY HEART with Podcast Host Cheri Anderson and/or click on BOOK for a preview, coming soon!

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