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Coffee Is Our Comfort Food, and Java is Our Best Lover. Yours Too?

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A breakup remedy comes in a heartwarming beverage to warm our hearts. For us, coffee is our comfort food and Java, our best lover. Find comfort in our special blend of mugs made with love by people who need a second chance. 


With every purchase, you create jobs for women facing barriers to employment. Boy, do we love our finest dark roast and the conversations that ensue over Java, our hot cup that gives us something to wake-up to when there is nothing else.

Our special blend of mugs designed to warm the heart creates the perfect atmosphere to revive your mind, body and spirit, all while being able to enjoy the finest of coffee products and delicious gourmet dark chocolate from our friends who make our Coffee & Chocolate combo. 

Purchase Your Comfort HERE Today! 

At The BREAKUP Biz™, we participate in global humanitarian initiatives that affect matters of the heart, and aim for B-Corp status, a socially-conscious company that profits by doing good. Today we also shed a light on our friends at Gift of Life International. They fix little children’s broken hearts, providing heart surgery for children with congenital heart defects. For the past 40 years, over 17,000 children have been saved. Coffee mugs for everyone on that team!

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