Getting good sleep helps you feel happy to wake up each morning.

For a good night's rest, start by lulling yourself into a comforting trance while tapping into the mythical tales, archetypes, ideas and images stored in your subconscious mind, ushering you into drowsy relaxation and inviting deep and restful sleep through a hypnotherapy session right HERE, right NOW with our resident clinical hynotherapist SHAWN Quinlivan, founder of Cathexis Therapeutic Imagery in Los Angeles.

Sleep Aha Talk with Clinical Hypnotherapist Shawn Quinlivan
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Making small adjustments to your daily habits and to your bedroom environment can make all the difference. To improve your relationship with sleep, get head start with our 21-Day Secure a Good Night’s Sleep Program where SHAWN leads you through a series of motivational talks, hypnotherapy sessions and sleep hypnosis recordings. This program aims to alter your beliefs and behaviors around sleep and provide you with tools that lead to positive sleep outcomes. Plus, MORE programs to help with sleep. Simply, tap the arrow button!