This 7-day program is created by Bernadette Anderson, MD, who is nationally recognized for her holistic approach to health that encourages patient empowerment and participation in their own personal wellness. Navigating the world of doctors, their office staff and medical choices may seem to you like a puzzle where you’re not even sure you have all the pieces.


You may wonder why you often wait so long for a short face-to-face appointment with your doctor. You may be turned off by an office staff that is often abrupt and impersonal. You may be unclear as to what you need to do to prepare for a doctor visit. You may be confused as to what kind of medical facility you should visit, and when. You may be in the dark about what it takes to create a great doctor-patient relationship.


No more confusion! No more guessing! No more worries!


This program PLUS MORE included within this one (1) annual membership to VIGOROOM where you can find this program along with other do-it-yourself, self-help personal improvement offerings at no additional cost than what you pay here as part of our ‘break UP to better’ series, such as:


A Pearly Whites Challenge


Over the next 21 days this challenge will help you create better dental care habits by brushing twice a day and flossing once. Your dentist always asks if you floss, but the condition of your teeth speaks for itself - so your dentist already knows...


As a reminder, get a baseline screening for blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides and record the results in your VIGOROOM. It's quick and easy to get this valuable information and store it for future reference. You'll be glad you did.


About the Doctor


Dr. Bernadette Anderson, MD, is a writer, speaker and family medicine practitioner. Having overcome obesity in her own life, she applies principles of lifestyle transformation to her patients’ care. Her holistic approach empowers patients to create a personal wellness plan and be part of their own cure. Dr. Bernadette has a Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Michigan, a Master’s of Public Health from UC Berkley, and a Doctorate of Medicine from the Medical College of Ohio.


Your Purchase


These programs PLUS MORE included within this one (1) annual membership to VIGOROOM where you can find other do-it-yourself, self-help personal improvement programs at no additional cost than what you pay here as part of our ‘break UP to better’ series.


Once registration has been confirmed through this payment portal, VIGOROOM will reach out to you via personalized email. You will then be asked to complete an online Health & Wellness assessment, which takes a minute to fill out. The assessment allows VIGOROOM to compile a wellness plan based on your fitness level and health needs that you can follow to completion. ​

Coaches featured in our VIGOROOM rarely contribute to collaborative forums of this kind and each charge $150 to $300 hourly for a private one-on-one session but not HERE at THE BREAK-UP BIZ™. Our HELP SQUAD can guide you but nothing will work unless you do the work. To keep you on track, expect VIGOROOM reminder emails but no one is more invested in you than you, which is why THE BREAK-UP BIZ™ is built on a self-help premise. 

VIGOROOM membership ($83.88 annually) comes with no contractual obligations and is not available for purchase anywhere else but here at THE BREAK-UP BIZ™ through a one-of-a-kind partnership with VIGOROOM, which is HIPAA Compliant and does not share confidential information, nor will THE BREAK-UP BIZ™ reveal your personal identifying information. 


Need more, find MORE in the dropdown menu abd/or in other boxes featured throughout THE BREAK-UP BIZ™ experience! 

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