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CASSANDRA has since been quoted on transformational coaching in leading publications from US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT to THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS. Today, Cassandra O. James is a Certified Transformational Life Coach and author of HOW TO GO FROM BOOHOO TO WOOHOO IN 90 DAYSIn this Kindle book, Cassandra draws from her experience with depression and reveals how she rebuilt her life based on a transformative philosophy. You can TOO! 

BOOHOO TO WOOHOO details the traits necessary to build an internal foundation of absolute happiness that CASSANDRA, herself, used to transform her own suicidal tendencies out from under. As such, she is on a mission to help others do the same and now shares with THE BREAK-UP BIZ her Inspire YOU Coaching, a life coaching solution developed to support YOU on your journey to inner transformation. 

"Achievement begins with desire," says CASSANDRA. 

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