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Does $$ buy happiness?

According to Holiday Insights, ‘Be a Millionaire Day’ falls on May 20 every year. It’s a day to imagine what life would be like with extra padding in the bank, and be a member of The Millionaire’s Club.

Financial status might allow us to sleep more comfortably but does more cash mean more happiness?

From what I’ve read on the topic – no, money doesn't buy happiness. However, reports say the secret income to happiness is earning $75k a year. Apparently, $75k is the magic number, considered not too little nor too much. That amount can earn a few perks in life. Anything less, there may be sticky financial situations that don’t make us all too happy. But, too much, violins please, can be stressful too. And stress doesn’t breed happiness. Instead, health issues may arise that money may not be able to fix.

As they say, your wealth is your health, and we know money can’t always buy happiness. But, just for today, let’s explore what millionaires can buy. Today we travel vicariously as a member of the millionaire club. Let's practice as if. You never know, it may become YOU -- and you might wear it well. So, let’s begin our millionaire journey at a net worth of $zero starting at mid-life crisis age, which means we only have 15 working years left to earn retirement income.

Does a millionaire's passport look different than the one we currently have stashed in our hands-free carry-on, The Girly Go Garter®? Our HELP SQUAD stylist ANDY Paige created this product, and she's now well on her way to millionaire status, if not already. I'm hoping her style rubs off on me. Andy is one thrifty gal who started at zero. So, if she can do it, we can too.


At The BREAK-UP Biz we believe in turning impossibilities into possibilities, and we strive to turn our negatives into positives. If we don’t try, we’ll never know what heights we have the capacity to reach, no matter age or station in life. Perhaps being a millionaire isn’t what it was years ago but we need a target number to start somewhere.

Let’s then aim a little higher as we don’t want to limit how far we can travel. So, aim as high as possible, perhaps the billionaire’s club to buy us more time in the airport VIP lounge. However, today is not a billionaire holiday. Therefore, let’s take baby steps and stay grounded, imaging our day entering The Millionaire’s Club.

Don’t worry, baby steps lead to big steps, and big steps create milestones. As they say, it’s the journey that counts not necessarily the destination. However, a healthy retirement is what we strive for. I was told I needed to save $2k a month ten years ago. So, ouch, we have a lot of catching up to do. So let's get started.

Today, we set forth on a journey to discover how money manifestation works. Let's start with that one million and we’ll grow from there. If you are already a millionaire, enjoy the day. It’s proof you put into motion the good things that got you there. This day is all about you. Savor it! For those of us NOT YET THERE, we still need to put into play the ‘practice as if’ strategies.

One of the 3-STEPS we recommend toward breaking UP to a better life is learning how to rewire the mind. Exercising our brain muscles to think good things can manifest us out of financial ruts too - but it takes time and commitment. You'll need energy to do the work, and to boost our energy vibe as we journey towards a millionaire mind-set is one of the most positive guys I know, John Sherry, a UK guy whom I met while touring a rum distillery in Barbados.

It was after celebrating the destination wedding of a millionaire friend of mine that I took off to enjoy what Barbados had to offer in rum. Come to find, rum brought into my life a dose of positive energy through a new friendship with John, whom I accidentally sat next to on the bus ride back to our hotel. On that ride, he told me he had expertise on reading people’s energy, their aura, and that my energy suggested I was just now starting a new life path -- and that I was.

Upon returning home, I faced a corporate lay-off and the end of a two-year romance I thought was heading towards marriage. Hitting 40, I was now left with no income and no boyfriend. But John assured me this was all good stuff, leading me toward greener pastures. Let’s prove him correct! Ever since that bus ride a few years ago, I've put into practice the 3 tips John gave me:

  1. Vibrate Great – Just imagine being a millionaire! Living with all that wealth, that luxury, the opportunities, and the lifestyle all around you. How would you feel? How much would come out of you in confidence, joy and self-awareness? You’d be vibrating amazing worth and extreme value. But, you don’t have to become a millionaire to project that sense of yourself. BE that millionaire feeling; live in that skin as if you are already that person with that amount of riches and elite-ness. Vibrate pure self-made energy and it will begin to catch on!

  2. Have a Dream Party – Millionaires love their parties. Glitzy society balls where they invite the rich set, celebrities, and big buck earners. Why not do your own version? Get together with a dozen friends and put on a house party where everyone pretends, dresses, and acts ‘as if’ they were already tycoons letting their hair down. Put up posters and pictures of ‘richness’ – big houses, yachts, hotels and resorts, jewellery, gold and money etc., and surround yourself in wealth. Each person tells a short story of how they made their fortune and for that day EVERYONE is a millionaire. Who knows…there could be one in the making?

  3. Play with Prosperity – The rich and famous reach that status through creative AND incredible ideas. They don’t tend to do, and be, ‘normal.’ On Millionaire Day open your mind and just play with potential. Invite prosperity – you are already a millionaire. So, what projects, ideas, concepts, inventions or ways of doing things are you doing? Capture your interest. What and where would you explore more? Then (with money being no object and your mind free) what would be your next steps – how can you evolve them? Who could you talk to or what simple ways would they fit into your already happy life and create income beyond your imagination? However, don’t go broke trying to turn into a millionaire, be ‘in mind’ a millionaire who has the right mind-set to create MORE!!


Stay tuned for more from our friend JOHN, UK's Energy Reader. He’s now a member of our HELP SQUAD and will bring us more ‘high vibes’ as we continue on this journey to break UP to better LOVE, LIFE and WORK experiences. In the meantime, ANDY can help you find the wardrobe to go with the mind-set -- without spending millions.

P.S. According to Holiday Insights the recipe of the day is Asparagus Casserole and the flower of the day, go figure, is the Money Plant. Give those a whirl too and see what happens!

Use our TIPLINE as a therapeutic, self-help tool to provide YOU with HOPE in troubled times, INSPIRATON amid chaos, as well as INSIGHT and FEEL-GOOD ENERGY. We’ve done a lot of research so you don’t have to go anywhere but here for breakup recovery. Join us as we tap into the bounce back power of resiliency to move beyond trauma and into better LOVE, LIFE and WORK experiences.


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