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When Stuck, How to Unstuck

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

“How do I make it all work? I did everything right and now I’ve got this job… this boss… working with these people… augh!!!!!!" You probably know that managing your career has changed. According to our resident leadership expert DENISE Cooper, the facts –

  • Nearly 50% of those newly hired will fail to meet the expectations of their boss,

  • 1 in 4 of the people you work with will be considered “not fully engaged,” which means they’re not happy with their career choices either.

  • Nearly a third of the workforce are employed by companies with a fluid and flexible staffing model. Meaning, they will lay off or cut back hours at the drop of a hat.

  • Some of us accepted a less than ideal job.

  • 36% of women own their business. That’s a jump of nearly 30% since 2007.

Each of these facts are true and a part of life. You work really hard all day and get home late. You’re tired. There are personal e-mails to get to, maybe kids or a spouse that you’d like to spend some time with or maybe you’ve just got to catch up on housework, holiday events/shopping and read the paper. Life is full of fitting things in, and it’s packed with lots of stuff to do. Daily activities fill in so much. When the day is over, so are you.


DENISE proposes another reality:

You know the importance of continuing to spend time on your career but how? Where does one start? What can you do different or better to find fulfillment at work, get paid what you’re worth and work with a boss who inspires you? Here are 3 things you can do TODAY to move forward:

  1. Take a breather. You are where you are right now. The first step is simply to acknowledge you want something else. One of the characteristics of highly successful people: they realize what they have is not what they want. Then, they stop, take stock and admit the plan hasn't gone as planned. They know it's temporary.

  2. Eliminate resistance. Too often we’re told resistance is a bad thing. In reality, resistance is a signal designed to tell you to get more information. Many time we resist because it’s not clear what to do. Devote 30-minutes a week to understanding what’s really stopping you. Too often we say things like, “I don’t have the money or time or energy to figure this out.” In reality, excuses only amount to fear of change, fear of failure or fear of success whispering in your ear. Tell that conversation in your head ... “thanks but staying put is not an option.” Instead, come back here and read our posts or send a question. You’ll find answers and motivation to act in your own best interest.

  3. Help someone else in the same situation. Even if you decide now is not the right time for you to do something about your own situation; join the conversation. We’re here to support you, providing tips and techniques on how to move forward. We’d love to see your questions and we promise, whatever you’re wondering someone else is asking the same question too.

About us:

As creators of The BREAKUP Biz ™ our expertise comes with street credentials. To remedy our breakup woes, we have tried it all — the quirky, the-not-so-proven and the-way-out-there, along with the regularly prescribed, science-based medical solutions. In short, we have insight, enough to fill a book enough to fill a book, and now turn up the volume on life experience to help others overcome breakup misery. We now use this platform to reveal ‘What Works and What Doesn’t’ as well as offer quick fixes on how to shed emotional weight … so breaking UP doesn’t have to weigh you DOWN ©.

Use our TIPLINE as a therapeutic, self-help tool to provide YOU with HOPE in troubled times, INSPIRATON amid chaos, as well as INSIGHT and FEEL-GOOD ENERGY. We’ve done a lot of research so you don’t have to go anywhere but here for breakup recovery. Join us as we tap into the bounce back power of resiliency to move beyond trauma and into better love, life and work experiences. Find comfort in our Breakup Brew, escape on a Breakup Getaway, and experience what An Emotional Boost™ can do for you! Our 'Youtube of Sanity' at The Breakup Channel is also just a click away.


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