Happiness makes you pretty. PERIOD.

Drew Barrymore says, “I think HAPPINESS is what makes you pretty. PERIOD.”

We agree.

Match 'happy' with a wardrobe and that's retail therapy for any broken heart. Annoyingly, when we need retail therapy the most, we're caught in a vicious spiral: we’re cash-poor and don’t want to rack up a lot of credit card debt but we still wan't to look our best. So, we skimp on quality clothes for something that only slightly fits -- and we all know ill-fitting outfits don’t do much for our self-confidence. Sound familiar?

According to HELP SQUAD stylist ANDY Paige, you do NOT have to spend a fortune to look like a million! Whether you are size 2 or 32, you make $25,000 a year or $250,000 a year, you have big breasts or a big bum, ANDY makes looking spectacular, not only fun, but easy and affordable.

ANDY is a recognized TV makeover expert known for her Cents of Style philosophy, which she conceptualized while she herself underwent a TV makeover as the most intriguing and provocative cast member of NBC’s first daytime reality drama Starting Over.

Now, her Beauty Boot Camps and sold-out Cents of Style Workshops help countless women discover the lost principles of proper fit, beautiful make-up, easy hair and personalized flair, all while holding to the principle of spending $100 or less on a look.

Looking and feeling good in your clothes boosts your confidence as well as your earning power! With access to ANDY at The BREAKUP Biz ™, we can now all walk out the door with confidence as we break UP to a better life - because happiness makes us pretty. PERIOD!

What Works and What Doesn’t in LOVE, LIFE and WORK.

Use this platform as a therapeutic, self-help tool to provide YOU with HOPE in troubled times, INSPIRATON amid chaos, as well as INSIGHT and FEEL-GOOD ENERGY. Join us as we tap into the bounce back power of resiliency to move beyond trauma and into better love, life and work experiences.

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