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Closing the Gap

From Self-Help to Guided-Help with Leadership Coach Denise Cooper

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 350 US dollars
  • Telephone

Service Description

Have you tried everything to change your job situation but are still stuck in an unfulfilling rut? Don’t worry. It’s not you. Today’s workplace is like none other. Organizations are flatter, leaner and customers are a lot pickier than ever before. Therefore, as an employee, you are likely to run into bad bosses and negative co-workers who feel it’s their mission to make you miserable. Plus, organizational politics and poorly skilled leaders! If you do clock in, you are likely to: • Have 5-7 careers having experienced numerous layoffs that require you to reinvent yourself. • Want different things out of life. Your job may no longer define your purpose or sustain your lifestyle. • Be a contract employee. Nearly 40% of the workforce is now fronted by individuals who are their own boss. • Work harder than ever before, on average, more than 50 hours a week and never take vacation. Plus, we’re taught, as a culture, to work on our weaknesses more than our strengths. Therefore, most people ignore their uniqueness, and don’t operate from their ‘genius zone.’ What results is a nation of people unfulfilled at work. If that’s you, you’re probably underutilizing your unique talents. If you are willing to leave your comfort zone, Denise will help you identify your natural talents, shift your way of thinking and discover how to operate in your sphere of influence with better results. This starter session also includes: • One (1) copy of our conversation starter in THE LETTER DIARIES from the creator of THE BREAK-UP BIZ™, first time author Daniella Cracknell. We’d love it if you would be amongst the first to receive and review our memoir of mishaps on which this wellness platform was created. • As a bonus, this purchase gives you first in line and priority seating to any and all book signings of THE LETTER DIARIES as author debuts book on a national platform. Disclaimer, book is not yet in publication with no release date secured. Book as many sessions as you feel necessary. On-going sessions with Denise: • Hourly $250.00 (1 additional 60-minute session) • Popular $750.00 (3 additional 60-minute sessions) • Premium $1500.00 (10 additional 60-minute sessions)

Contact Details

+ 917-991-3364


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