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Having satisfying relationships is essential for your mental and physical well-being. In fact, having weaker social ties is associated with higher mortality rates from cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other diseases! But improving your relationships is easier said than done, as cultivating healthy relationships often requires taking a close look at yourself, your partner, and the unique dynamic between you two.


In this 21-day relationship revitalization program, relationship scientist Dr. Liz Schoenfeld helps you bring the quality of your relationships to the next level and provides a holistic approach to establishing healthier relationships. It includes daily audio that will introduce you to cutting-edge research on a range of relationship themes, including positive communication techniques, the interplay of trust and vulnerability, the role of mindfulness in relationships, and the importance of engaging in new and exciting activities with your partner.


Each day offers at least two activities designed to help you better connect with others, but which are open-ended enough that they can be applied to practically any relationship at any stage of development. The program is divided into three sections, each consisting of seven days:




The first week focuses on completely you. Because you make up half of your relationships (with your relationship partner comprising the other half), it’s important that you feel comfortable with yourself in order to navigate your relationships most effectively. Topics include self-exploration, positive thinking, and self-acceptance.




The second week helps you identify and develop healthy communication strategies. You are encouraged to apply these skills to any relationship in your life in order to help you become more confident using these techniques. Subjects include self-disclosure, body language, and communication patterns that you should embrace...or avoid.




The final week builds on the skills you learned during the first two weeks of the program and helps you apply them to a specific relationship of your choice. During this part of the program, you will strengthen your relationship by learning how to view your partner in a more positive light, exploring new facets of your partner and your relationship, and pursuing novel and enjoyable activities with your partner.


Meet Your Trainer:


Dr. Liz Schoenfeld earned her Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research, which focuses primarily on the development of love over time and its expression in day-to-day life, has been featured in media outlets such as Psychology Today and US News & World Report. Liz is a contributor to and former editor of the website,, and currently serves as the Director of Research & Evaluation at a large nonprofit in Austin, Texas.


More Included:


This program plus hundreds of other audio and video programs are included at no additional cost than what you invest here into a Netflix style series of BREAK-UP DIETS® in personal growth programs powered by the largest digital library of wellness content, and hosted by a HELP SQUAD of world-class experts in emotional, physical and financial health. 


Also included with this program is access to celebrity trainers who have coached dozens of Hollywood sweethearts from Jennifer Garner to Brad Pitt. Our A-list coaches rarely contribute to collaborative forums of this kind and typically charge $150-$300 hourly for a private one-on-one session but, not here.


The Process:


  1. By purchasing this program, you will receive one (1) all-access wellness pass in membership to our wellness community of world-class experts in emotional, physical, and financial health. 
  2. Once registration has been confirmed, expect a personalized email from VIGOROOM, which powers our programs as the largest digital library of wellness content for mind, body, and spirit.
  3. You will then be asked to complete an online Health & Wellness assessment, which takes a minute to fill out. We are HIPAA compliant, which means we do not share confidential information. 
  4. Once complete, a wellness plan based on your fitness level and health needs will be presented to you, one that you can follow to completion. The program you selected here will most likely appear within recommendations. If not, courses can easily be adjusted. 
  5. To keep you on track, expect reminder emails but note, no one is more invested in your wellbeing than you, which is why THE BREAK-UP BIZ™ is built on a self-help premise. 


All-Inclusive Price:


Your all-access wellness pass comes with no contractual obligations except in this one-time annual payment of $83.88, the price of one Starbuck coffee per month, and is not available for purchase anywhere else but here through a one-of-a-kind partnership with VIGOROOM.




An upswing to breaking UP to better is to be well in love, life, and at work, and in mind, body, and spirit. Let that be you!

Revitalize Your Relationship

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