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What If You Could Look Into Your Past to Find Out How You Got Here Today?
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On an episode of CHERI's UNBREAK MY HEART podcast, the creator of The BREAK-UP Biz™ reveals HOW she found insights to some personal relationship patterns, and then, went on to better caring for her heart.


As you know, LOVE is always presenting challenges and transitions, and in weathering romantic shakeups, we are often left on our own to figure things out. What if, YOU had a beacon of light to guide you through the foggy weather of LOVE?


A heartbreak coach is just that, a guide to help YOU make sense of LOVE. CHERI is that type of coach and goes beyond the expiration date of any breakup -- when everyone is 'over it' but YOU. Whatever heartbreak YOU are experiencing or have experienced, CHERI can help YOU 'unbreak' from the source of what you see on the surface, hear in your head and notice in your body.

"Know yourself to move yourself," says CHERI who coaches on HOW to become deliberate in your romantic decision making, authentic in welcoming healthy romantic partners and self-empowered to be okay just dating YOU. Break UP to better with a LOVE coach by your side ...