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Welcome to THE BREAK-UP BIZ™, the first of motivational destinations to cover today's world of more breakups than makeups in LOVE, LIFE and WORK! As the creator, my expertise comes with street credentials. In short, I have insight, enough to fill a book, and now turn up the volume on life experience to help others find hope in troubled times, inspiration amidst chaos and feel-good energy to break UP to better.


If you liked Renee Zellweger’s journaling in A Bridget Jones Diary, Julia Robert’s dismissal of the traditional in Eat Pray Love and Gwyneth Paltrow’s cultural debacle in Sliding Doors, then you will enjoy my memoir of mishaps in THE LETTER DIARIES of a Suitcase Life from Here, There and Everywhere.

THE LETTER DIARIES is based on 30 years of real-life letters I wrote to my grandmother who lived in a tiny village in England. Whereas, I lived here in the United States. When she died, my inheritance was my life back in a box of letters that leave me to ponder what life might have been, if only, I knew then what I know now. But first, allow me to introduce myself … 


Meet The Author


"A blend of Helen Fielding meets Candace Bushnell in an Elizabeth Gilbert teaching moment," says longtime OPRAH producer Shantel Klinger, a colleague of first-time author Daniella Cracknell who, with a last name like Cracknell, is convinced she is 'cracked at the core.' 


Her father, too, had affectionately been nicknamed "Crackers." For him, the name eventually rang true. His mental illness had cracked his world apart. However, Daniella was sane, at least in all senses of the word. She possessed ultimate good girl qualities and had done all things right. But if, life had not gone so perfectly wrong, our serial singleton would never have known an American life.


Not that she had intended her letters to be returned, but here they now were at her doorstep, a documentation of life, ready to relive with new perspective. Perhaps her former self would reveal patterns of discourse, and her own musings could help make sense of why things she had set up to go so right had gone so horribly wrong.


In the past, her prolific letter writing to her grandma overseas had been the glue that got her through one mishap after the other. But now, her letters engulf her in a mental makeover that takes readers on an emotional journey through quaint English villages and big cities of London, New York and Los Angeles where letters were mailed and received. 


THE LETTER DIARIES is what happens when life takes you off the traditional path, whether planned or not, and was is inspired by an epistolary novel made popular in the 18th century, which is commonly known as the great age of letter writing. At that time, letters were among the few allowable forms of written expression open to women, a topic that leads Daniella and her grandmother into making a death pact, solidified in a letter.

As prolific as Daniella was in writing letters, she was equally fluent in jotting down her own private thoughts, quirky and silly ones you wouldn’t dare, out of embarrassment, share with anyone but yourself privately in a diary. When pieced together with letters from the box her grandmother had left her, she now sees what she hadn’t seen before. 


Your Purchase Features:


One (1) early bird, pre-sale purchase of our conversation starter in THE LETTER DIARIES. We’d love it if you would be amongst the first to receive and review our memoir of mishaps on which this wellness platform was created. As a thank you for confidence in our story, this early bird, pre-sale purchase gives you priority seating to any and all book signings of THE LETTER DIARIES as author debuts book on a national platform. Please note, book is not yet in publication and has not yet announced a release date. This purchase is only afforded to the first 200 early birds who pre-purchase THE LETTER DIARIES before our memoir of mishaps goes on sale to the general public. Purchase is non-refundable.

A Conversation Starter

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