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Psychologist Christine Hatchard guides you through a prescribed process to first understand your emotional relationship with food, and then to develop a healthy relationship with food.


As you progress through the program, you'll use a “food and emotion” log to help you monitor and analyze how you may be using food to regulate or control your emotions. Dr. Christine gives you tools to recognize the triggers of your emotional eating and develop new coping strategies. If you are prone to eat more when you’re stressed, bored, angry or lonely, this program is for you.


Plus, discover PlateWatchers, a simple eating plan that helps you see weight loss from a whole new perspective. This plan incorporates nutrition, lifestyle and mindfulness. AND, can have lasting, sustainable impact on your body weight!


Within a 28 day challenge, PlateWatchers aims to free you from “yoyo dieting.” From a nutrition perspective, you learn to eat the right foods in the right amounts, without counting calories. No more starved or deprived feelings.


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