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In this featured program, Kent Burden shares ideas to help you identify the sources and manage the triggers of your stress and anxiety. Learn how healthy sleep and proper exercise strategies can bring a measure of peace to your busy life. Through the practice of mindful meditations learn how to clear your mind of the unwanted thoughts that cause stress and the disturbing feelings of anxiety.


Meet Your Host:


Kent Burden was the long-time Mind and Body Program Director at California’s famed Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, and has been featured in magazines such as Shape and Natural Health. Kent’s engaging style has made him the go-to guy for celebrities like Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore. He is the author of eleven books, including the best-selling Is Your Chair Killing You? and Clean Eating Dinner Cook Book & Diet Plan. Kent has advanced degrees in Natural Health Science and Holistic Nutrition.


More Included:


This program plus hundreds of other audio and video programs are included at no additional cost than what you invest here into a Netflix s