Experience what an Emotional Boosts in a Box™ can do for you.


Our care packages come in a range of colors to uplift your mood so, no matter where you go, what you do or how you feel, Emotional Boosts™ can support you, providing you with today’s newest in spa wear. 


Need to clean the slate, let go? Sport your breakup recovery in Starting Over White. White is said to aid in mental clarity, fresh beginnings and renewal. It assists in cleansing and clearing emotional clutter.


Inside your Emotional Boost™ is your essential spa wardrobe:


  • one (1) The Spa Dress®, a slip-on towel with less wardrobe malfunction than a traditional towel. It doesn't drop when you need a towel to stay UP. Leaves hands free for beauty regime as remedy to 'towel dropping syndrome.'
  • one (1) matching GirlyGoGarter®, the perfect spa purse. Patent-pending function and modern design secures your financial assets and holds your beauty essentials, affording you a worry-free spa experience. 


Your new spa wardrobe rolls up, is easily packable in the tiniest of carry-on bags. Affords light and expeditious pack-ability when a spa excursion is ‘a must.’ Our favorite getaway: Mosaic South Africa where photos of The Spa Dress were taken by South African artist Ryan Parker


A bonus gift: Destiny Lingers, a novel by TV personality Rolonda Watts, is among stories we call BREAK-UPDiets©, inspirational stories destined to warm your heart and help you overcome heartbreak too!

Need to Let Go? Clean the Slate in Starting Over WHITE!

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