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As creators of The BREAKUP Biz ™ our expertise comes with street credentials. In short, we have insight, enough to fill a book, and now turn up the volume on life experience to help others tap into the bounce back power of resiliency. 

If you enjoyed Jennifer Aniston in Horrible Bosses, Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City and Renee Zellwegger in Bridget Jones Diary, then you might enjoy our story about a self-proclaimed, accidental breakup expert on which The BREAKUP Biz ™ is based. 


Our story centers on the UPs and DOWNs of a serial singleton stuck in chronic breakup misery, always in recovery from one job loss after the other, another romance gone awry, and another move to accommodate constant change in LOVE, LIFE and WORK.


Desperately seeking an end to her breakup career, she discovers a remedy: her former self would teach her how to move forward. She finds answers in 30 years of letters she penned to her grandmother. Her own musings would help her find a path to new beginnings - or would they, now pondering if all things could have been better if she only knew then what she knows now.

She’d written to her grandmother since the age of ten, a time when her mother and step-father convinced her to abandon her most faithful companion, her little black cat, in pursuit of this American life. She always believed black cats brought her good luck, but time would reveal, crossing the path of a black cat is not one to mess with. 

Her grandmother resided overseas in the tiniest, most beautiful of British villages, a place where her letters had become an entertainment rag of sorts, passed around to family members. It was at her grandmother’s funeral, to much horror, she learned intimate details of her breakups in LOVE, LIFE and WORK had been shared beyond the sacred bounds of grandmotherly love. 


Living this American life, she falls into an entertainment career as a TV publicist representing some of the most highly recognized news and entertainment personalities in the US. Her late father had been a well-known TV actor in the UK. It seemed natural she’d fallen into the same industry and surely, she too would find some level of success, if she worked hard enough. 


But working hard was never ENOUGH, just like her father, bad luck stepped in and derailed her in LOVE, LIFE and WORK. Is this a family curse, she wonders. In the end, our story aims to provide YOU with HOPE in troubled times, INSPIRATION amid chaos, as well as INSIGHT and FEEL-GOOD ENERGY. 




How to Shed Emotional Weight So Breaking UP Doesn’t Have to Weigh You DOWN©


A Mental Makeover

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