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Stop working for work that's not working FOR YOU!

Have you tried everything to change their job situation but still stuck in an unfulfilling rut? Don’t worry. It’s not YOU. Today’s workplace is like none other. Organizations are flatter, leaner and customers are a lot pickier than ever before. Therefore, as an employee, you’re likely to run into bad bosses and negative co-workers who feel it’s their mission to make you miserable. Plus, organizational politics and poorly skilled leaders! According to leadership and workplace strategist DENISE Cooper, you’re likely to:

  • Have 5-7 careers during your lifetime experiencing numerous layoffs that require YOU to reinvent yourself.

  • Want different things out of life at 20 than 30, 40 or when you’re in your 50s or later. Your job may no longer define your purpose or sustain your lifestyle.

  • Be a contract employee. In 2000 about 14 percent of the workforce was a contract employee or entrepreneur. Today, nearly 40 percent of the workforce is now fronted by individuals who are their own boss.

  • Work harder than ever, more than 50 hours a week on average, and never use up your vacation. Yet, get little-to-no guidance on how to make good career decisions from your boss or the HR department.

Sound familiar? DENISE also tells us most working people admit that time spent in their morning shower is primarily devoted to thoughts of challenges on the job. Therefore, we at The BREAKUP Biz ™ join DENISE on a mission to put an end to miserable workplaces.

DENISE works with serious minded leaders and organizations who are ready to crack the code on ensuring our time at work is well spent.

Studies have shown keys to happiness, success and fulfillment are not found in professional accomplishment, money or social status; they are found by engaging in OUR unique talents. Ready to find out yours?

What Works and What Doesn't in LOVE, LIFE AND WORK

Use this platform as a therapeutic, self-help tool to provide YOU with HOPE in troubled times, INSPIRATION amid chaos, as well as INSIGHT and FEEL-GOOD ENERGY. Here, we tap into the bounce back power of resiliency to move beyond trauma and into better love, life and work experiences.


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