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Practice 'As If' ... Daily Mantras

The quicker you get into routine, new adventures start. Practice as if ... see what happens:


B-motivated on Mondays.

Start your week on a career high!


B-seductive on Tuesdays.

Romance your week away!


B-courageous on Wednesdays.

Do something today you’ve never done before!


B-safe on Thursdays.

Avoid bad boys, troubled relatives and abusive bosses!


B-flirty on Fridays.

Practice as if you are the most attractive person in the room!


B-stylish on Saturdays.

Dress like a million without spending tons!


B-revitalized on Sundays.

Recharge. Restore. Renew. Recycle!


The BREAKUP Biz™ covers today's world of more breakups than makeups in LOVE, LIFE and WORK, and is a motivational, self-help destination designed to help those stuck in breakup misery recover emotionally, physically and financially from any type of breakup. Stay tuned for more on the topic with guest posts from members of our HELP SQUAD!


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