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Are you stuck in a dead-end job? Have you hit the glass ceiling? Did YOU do everything right yet still no career growth?

Most people want career success yet 95% will not achieve that goal. Why? In the early 90’s, American corporations decided to stop investing in the development of their people. They still offer training to help you do your job but gone are the days where you’ll learn skills on-the-job that will improve your career opportunities.


The new economic realities say: It’s time to redefine what ‘career’ means to you in providing financial security and doing work that’s personally rewarding. In one-on-one coaching calls with Remarkable Leadership coach Denise Cooper, you’ll learn exactly what managing UP means today! 

Thirty years after the women’s revolution, only 4% of CEO’s in America’s Fortune 500 companies are women. Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg’s book LEAN IN caused a conversational firestorm by saying, in her book: women are responsible for their lack of leadership success. Ouch! Is she right? 

Change the numbers and level the playing field. Assess whether it’s YOU or something else keeping you from a move UP the career ladder? DENISE will educate you on exactly what stops you from achieving your dreams (hint: it isn’t your fears).


PLUS, how to create a powerful network of relationships, as well as incorporate the thinking and judgment skills of highly successful leaders and business owners. If you’ve ever wondered whether you can boost your success, then our Chief People Officer is for YOU! 

Break UP to better! Turn your dream life into real life. Start by talking it out in a one-hour session with DENISE. Simply click to book a session right HERE, right NOW!

Get a head start learning tips and best practices from guest stories pulled from DENISE's podcast CLOSING THE GAP with discussions about turning dream life into real life. Here's a few topics to get you started. PLUS, download your FREE 'Break UP to Better' Workplace Plan right HERE, right NOW!

What Do Women Really Want? Before #MeToo, JUDY's organization What Women Want Networking (R) was creating monthly events for women to Connect, Encourage and Inspire each other. When women work together all the necessary resources show up to further their careers, start a business, gain financial freedom, enhance their spirituality and improve health awareness. Learn MORE in this episode of Turning Dream Life Into Real Life ...

Meet JUDYTurning Dream Life Into Real Life with Denise Cooper
00:00 / 37:08

3 Questions Everyone Must Answer If YOU Want a Successful Career: There’s so much focused on creating a career plan but a lot less on how to navigate the twists and turns life presents. Why do some people seem to attract more good breaks than others? BOB has been a senior executive for over 25 years and an adjunct professor for about as long. In this podcast Bob shares his guiding principles that led him to a successful life.

Meet BOBTurning Dream Life Into Real Life with Denise Cooper
00:00 / 32:31

What If YOU Are What the World Is Waiting For? In a world where corporations use layoffs to balance the books and recruiters use automatic for the right resume, how do you know being YOU is the most valuable skill you have? In this episode MARQUIS shares how he learned that his calling was to bring out the good in others.

Meet MARQUISDream Life Into Real Life with Denise Cooper
00:00 / 28:34

What we don’t talk about when it comes to diversity! To live in a thriving community means accepting we each have different needs. Hear KIMBERLEE's perspective on how each of us has to develop skills to engage with others not like us, and how she teaches local government employees what it means to create a community that’s inclusive.

Meet KIMBERLEETurning Dream Life Into Real Life with Podcast Host Denise Cooper
00:00 / 27:11

Navigating Your Career While in a White World: Listen to get at least 4 things you can do to do to stay on career track. Included are commonsense scenarios and real-life solutions that will help every marginalized person handle gutless bosses, overbearing and hateful colleagues or being the only minority or women in an all-white workplace. 

Meet NATHANIELTurning Dream Life Into Real Life with Podcast Host Denise Cooper
00:00 / 32:07


  • From Self-Help to Guided-Help with Leadership Coach Denise Cooper

    1 hr 30 min


During a breakup, one can experience a phenomenon noted by experts as a 'breakup diet,' where drastic changes in mind, body, and spirit occur. Under duress, our bodies create additional adrenaline, resulting in elevated cortisol levels that lead to depression of immune responses, increased fat accumulation, and even loss of cognitive function. The list goes on ... ​so much so we turned this breakup malady into a breakup remedy. 

BREAK-UP DIETS® are no longer associated with weight gain or loss like Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem. Rather, a personal improvement program that comes in tips, techniques, and best practices, sometimes quirky and silly, sometimes serious and straight to the heart, as featured throughout THE BREAK-UP BIZ™ experience.

No matter the box you select from below, each will lead you to our VIGOROOM, the largest digital library of wellness content as host to hundreds of science-based audio and video personal improvement programs. We've hand-picked a few to showcase how BREAK-UP DIETS® can work. Start with one, conquer all as hundreds of other programs in mind, body, and spirit come included within one annual membership. Need more, find MORE in the dropdown menu! 

Tackle breakup residue from your own home, hotel room or office, with trainers used by Jennifer Garner, Brad Pitt, and Demi Moore right HERE, right NOW!

Welcome to our wellness community where together we work out our breakup woes through membership in VIGOROOM, our all-access pass to America's top wellness coaches! 

Our wellness community is tailor-made for the wellness conscious as well as the chronically health challenged, and caters to those who use modern technology for their wellness needs. 


Each program has been produced by leading experts to ensure emotional, physical and financial HELP is available around the clock anywhere on iPhones, iPads, and desktops.​

“I love the concept of breaking UP to a better life. It's a message that needs to be shouted to the world!” says KATHY SMITH, America's Fitness Trainer to Generations of Wellness Enthusiasts. 


KATHY is among world-class experts featured in our VIGOROOM. Our personal trainers have coached dozens of Hollywood Heartbreakers from Brad Pitt to Madonna. Now YOU! 

Starting by getting your affairs in order. Then, take a power walk. Simply, click on BOX for details and tap on arrows for more program offerings. 

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