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Lost your groove? Unravel the turmoil, turn rejection into redirection, and make positive changes in mind, body and spirit. From your own home, hotel room or office, tackle breakup residue with trainers used by Jennifer Garner, Julia Roberts and Demi Moore.

Get in the mood with Drew Barrymore's mind/body guru Kent Burden right HERE, right NOW! Simply click below for a complimentary meditation session with the expert who gets Hollywood sweethearts back on track when heartbreak throws them off-course. 

Peace Meditation Kent Burton
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Next, sport a smile! Smiling is among the best exercises to firm up muscles in the face. It’s true! Your face needs and benefits from exercise just like the rest of your body. Although you may rarely hear about exercising your face, those delicate muscles need movement, too.


Our 7-DAY ACTIVE AGING: REJUVENATE YOUR SKIN PROGRAM With KATHY SMITH brings your inner glow to the surface by stimulating circulation to move toxins out and nutrients in. KATHY has helped many thousands of people lead happier and healthier lives across three decades. 

Plus, More Ways to Reclaim Your Mojo right HERE, Right NOW! 

Welcome to our wellness community where together we work out our breakup woes through an all-access pass to America’s top wellness coaches! Our wellness community is tailor-made for the wellness-conscious as well as the chronically health-challenged, and caters to those who use modern technology for their wellness needs. 


Find hundreds of science-based audio and video programs for mind, body and spirit in our wellness portal, as highlighted below and in navigation bar. Each program has been produced exclusively for this digital platform, ensuring emotional, physical, and financial workouts are available to YOU around the clock. 

“I love the concept of breaking UP to a better life. It's a message that needs to be shouted to the world!” says KATHY SMITH, fitness guru to generations as featured in our wellness community. 

Start your BREAK-UP DIET® right HERE, right NOW! Consider a do-it-yourself improvement program as directed below...

Redirection fuels resiliency.

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