Shaking UP the Self-Help Industry by Filling a Void in the Breakup Space

Most think of breakups in terms of romantic shakeups but there is more to the category than love.

Welcome to THE BREAK-UP BIZ™, the first of self-help destinations to cover today's world of more breakups than makeups in love, life, and at work. As the creator, my expertise comes with street credentials.


In short, I have insight, enough to fill a book, and now turn up the volume on life experience to help others find hope in troubled times, inspiration amidst the chaos, and feel-good energy to break UP to better love, life, and work experiences.

My expertise is based on a resume of colossal breakup proportion from romantic shakeups to family dysfunction and employment conflicts of a serial singleton, and with a quirkiness likened to the character in Bridget Jones’ Diary of book-to-movie fame. Bridget could never get love, life, or work to go according to plan. Nor could I.


Adding to the likeness, I am also British and come out of a career in the high-profile and high-pressure world of daytime talk television where breakups and makeovers make for the highest-rated of shows. 

The work that I am doing, that we are doing, fills a void in the breakup space. Most think of breakups in terms of romantic shakeups but there is more to the category than love. The global space in which breakups exist is complex and too interconnected for one category to master the business of breakups alone. 


Studies suggest losing a careerist job, especially without cause, can feel worse than painful moments like getting a divorce. The ripple effects can be more long term, and one may not return to the same level of well-being as they might from the death of a spouse. However, a spouse does not have to die to have heartbreak syndrome. 

Only within the last decade has Broken Heart Syndrome been recognized as a medical diagnosis. Women in their 20s up into their 80s have fallen prey, and the condition can strike even if you are healthy. Experts claim emotional stress activates the same areas of the brain as physical pain with an overwhelm that necessitates a different type of treatment. 


As described on Web MD, heartbreak syndrome can be triggered by stressful events that can stem anywhere from a car breaking down to a bankruptcy filed.  As we know, romantic shakeups cause love issues; family dysfunction causes life issues; and employment conflicts cause work issues.  Those work issues can then cause romantic shakeups, which in turn can cause family dysfunction -- and a breakup cycle begins.