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Daniella Cracknell is a travel girl with a celebrity past, and merged her showbiz career as a nationally recognized talk show publicist into a niche 'biz' category with an emerging new expertise that fills a void in the breakup space.

From having weathered her fair share of setbacks and start-overs, enough to fill a book, Cracknell has since earned street credentials as a self-proclaimed ‘breakup expert' where none existed beforeIf a ‘breakup expert’ exists, the focus has only been on romantic shakeups but there is more to the breakup space than love. 

Studies suggest losing a job, especially without cause, can feel worse than emotionally painful moments like getting a divorce. The ripple effects can be long term, and one may not return to the same level of well-being. Despite, the self-help industry is populated by relationship therapists and love coaches but provide little to those who have yet to be coupled but breakup often in love, life and work. 

In Cracknell’s experience, love does not live without work, nor work without love or a life. She, therefore, believes all areas are intertwined and must support each other to holistically be well in love, life and work. If one area is off, the others are too, which triggered the making of THE BREAK-UP BIZ as the first of motivational destinations to cover today's world of more breakups than makeups in love, life and work. 

Cracknell ​now helps those stuck in breakup misery course correct, and promotes rejection as redirection, and resiliency as bounce back power prescribed by THE BREAK-UP BIZ as a 3 STEP recovery process she herself underwent and formulated into a tool kit for mastering the business of breaking UP to better.

In her first book on the topic, Cracknell reveals her resume of colossal breakup portion on which THE BREAK-UP BIZ is based. Her personal stories have appeared in national magazines from FITNESS, REDBOOK, SELF, TRAVEL GIRL, FREQUENT FLYER DESTINATIONS, BLACK NOIR, and most recently, among the charitable in PALM BEACH ILLUSTRATED (pg.20).

She has also been acknowledged in books from Wiley to McGraw-Hill, as well as featured among adversity stories in Hachette’s BE FIERCE, a #MeToo ground-breaker from former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson, who is played by Nicole Kidman in Charlize Theron's BOMBSHELL feature film. 

As the creator of THE BREAK-UP BIZ™, my expertise comes with street credentials. In short, I have insight, enough to fill a book, and now turn up the volume on life exper...
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Cracknell’s expertise stems from a seasoned career in the media industry where she shaped the reputations of national TV brands, stirred media controversy, handled media crisis and negotiated national news stories featured on The Today Show, Entertainment Tonight and other major news outlets as a media spokesperson for high-profile daytime talk shows and TV newsmagazines like Inside Edition and EXTRA.  


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